Understanding pediatric growth hormone deficiency (GHD)

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What is pediatric GHD?

If your child has been diagnosed with pediatric GHD, it means that their pituitary gland does not produce enough growth hormone to stimulate their body to grow. Your child is likely growing at a slower rate than other children, which will be noticeable on their growth chart.

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Impact of GHD on your child

In addition to short stature, pediatric GHD may impact your child in other ways:

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They may look younger when compared with friends of the same age and gender

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Puberty may be delayed or absent

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Metabolism, bone strength, and muscle development may also be affected

More GHD resources

Your child’s GHD can present some unique challenges. The links below contain helpful information about advocacy organizations, growth, traveling with medication, and more.

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Meet Kylene

Two of Kylene’s children, Sophie and Isaac, were diagnosed with pediatric GHD at a young age. Now, both are taking SKYTROFA®. Learn more about their family’s unique journey.

Kylene’s story